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Uncontested Investing

Apr 18, 2023

Dallas Tanner is an experienced investor and property manager who started with Treehouse Communities and now heads Invitation Homes. Discover the importance of location, product segment, and capital structure when investing in residential real estate, as well as the shifting demographic effect on homeownership and the rise of build-to-rent communities with tailored amenities.

Learn about the challenges faced by millennials in finding affordable housing and the increasing desire for choice and flexibility among renters. And don't miss Tanner's Money Minute for tips on building equity over time.

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[00:52] Dallas Tanner introduction

[11:11] What’s Dallas advice to everyone on investing in real estate?

[13:48] Affordability status of the housing market  right now?

[14:38] What’s the major supply problem in the country from a housing perspective?

[16:01] Banks have a hard time underwriting credit when rates are changing so quickly.

[19:03] Renters by choice vs. renters by necessity.

[20:39] What’s the shifting demographic?

[24:53] Homeowners' associations (HOAs) that prohibit renters are creating segregation.

[31:22] Why should private capital invest in housing?

[37:49] How to improve the real estate industry to have a better future?

[40:17] Dallas parting thoughts.


"I don't see demand caving. I think demand stays elevated. I think supply is our issue, which also exacerbates the demand issues."

"If you own real estate in housing, you're probably in a really great spot if you're properly located."

"If you're passionate around the concept of owner. Invest in real estate, find the right ways to do it."

"When you say somebody can't live in this neighborhood because they don't want rentals, I actually think that's the reverse of progress." 

"Try to be the perfect solution for a particular segment that you want to focus on."