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Uncontested Investing

Apr 25, 2023

Erik Latsha is the CEO of Honest Home Solutions, a real estate investment company operating in South Central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. In this episode, we talk about the importance of honesty, trust, and accountability in building a successful real estate business along with the biggest lessons Erik learned along the way.


Listen now to learn more about Erik, how he operates Honest Home Solutions, and how your integrity can create a great impact in the industry!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:46 Who is Erik Latsha?

05:05 What should people be focused on in today’s market?

08:15 Why is honesty an important factor in business?

16:58 How did Erik develop trust and accountability within his company?

23:43 How did Erik grow into having a team that he can trust?

25:42 What is the best way to delegate to your team?

27:08 What lessons did Erik learn from hiring people for his team?

33:51 What advice would Erik give to an entrepreneur or investor?

35:21 Does Erik consider himself a coach or a leader?

32:33 What lesson from athletics can be applied to business?

36:40 What was Erik’s best real estate deal?

37:06 What makes the “who” more important than the “how”? 

38:05 What can you do to put yourself back on track when you get distracted?

39:33 What is the importance of building a business and not just grinding?

41:47 How can you connect with Erik Latsha?




“One of the big things we focused on was people over profit when we really started our business, it was a huge part of advertising and marketing.”


“When I’m making business decisions it’s really important for me to be an example

To my staff.”


“I don’t believe you’ll ever have good people until you empower them to be better than you.”




Website: RCN Capital   


Website: REI INK  


Instagram: Erik Latsha 


Facebook: Erik Latsha 


Website: Honest Home Solutions