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Uncontested Investing

Jan 10, 2023

Charlie Calise of Calise Partners and Imaginuity has decades of experience in data, analytics, and advertising and he’s on the show with us today to talk about real estate investing, marketing and advertising, the economy, and so much more.

Listen now to learn more about Charlie, his journey in business, and what he has learned through his years as a marketing and advertising expert and real estate investor!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:30 Who is Charlie Calise?
01:39 What businesses is Charlie running today?
02:45 Where did Charlie’s knowledge about data come from?
04:00 How does Charlie optimize their data?
05:40 What is Charlie’s advice for real estate investors today?
08:00 What can you get from compounding power, money, and time?
11:02 What should you keep in mind when you’re planning to scale?
12:50 What influence does Charlie’s father have on his career?
15:34 How did Charlie get into real estate investing?
16:09 What parallels from Charlie’s early years is guiding him today?
18:50 How is the market adjusting to the kind of economy we’re in today?
19:35 What kind of market are we really in today?
21:19 What problems are we facing with tech companies today?
23:44 What does Charlie think about the property technology industry?
27:15 What is Charlie’s advice to anyone looking to start a business today?
28:16 Why does Charlie believe in working hard?
30:58 What is it like for Charlie to work with his children?
31:57 How does Charlie navigate being a wealthy man?


“What we’re in is a marathon and not a sprint, so take a long view. I’m making investment decisions today for great grandchildren 50 years from now that I’ll never know.”

“Don’t stop at the headline, read the copy. Right now, what you’re dealing with is “the market is crashing” and so forth – the market’s not crashing, it’s correcting, but if you stop at the headline, you’ll be riddled with fear.”

“If you think you’re gonna keep one house this year, keep two. If you think you’re gonna keep one this month, keep two. If you think you’re gonna keep five this quarter, keep six.”

“Here’s the thing that I learned – when you talk about 10x-ing, that first 10x is the hardest.”

“I’ve watched small entrepreneurs wash out day after day because they didn’t have a solid business plan that’s gonna make them money.”

“Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. Work hard, it’ll get you through every short fall that you’ve got.”


Website: RCN Capital

Website: REI INK