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Uncontested Investing

May 30, 2023

Anthony and Candace Coffey are the owners of Faithful Homebuyer KC. In this episode, we are talking about what it really is like to run a business with your spouse – the challenges, what happens behind the scenes, and how you can grow to become more supportive and respectful of one another in what you do.


Listen to this episode to learn how Anthony and Candace discovered how they can work in business together and how they learned how to separate work and home life to become successful!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:41 Who are Anthony and Candace Coffey?

03:35 What is Anthony’s advice to real estate investors today?

06:15 How do market shifts affect investors?

07:50 What was Candace doing before getting into business with Anthony?

08:33 How can you keep your business separate from your personal relationship?

11:44 What was it like for Candace to get into the real estate industry?

13:51 How does Anthony and Candace’s dynamic work for their business?
16:13 What is the best way to transition from being a team at work to a team at home?

19:46 Why is it important to know how to separate work from life at home?

21:54 Why do you need to be accountable?

24:03 Why is it important to be present for your family?

25:34 What is the trajectory for Faithful Home Buyers KC?

28:06 What does the future look like for Faithful Home Buyers KC?

33:33 What is Anthony’s advice for everyone in business today?

34:56 What is the importance of authenticity to your success?

37:09 What was the dumbest deal Anthony has done?

38:29 What was the best deal Anthony and Candace did together?

39:42 What is the most overlooked system or process by many real estate investors?

40:43 Why is it important to work with a good CRM?

41:19 What marketing channel works best for Faithful Home Buyers KC?

42:10 How can TV commercials help you build credibility?
43:23 What is the importance of KPIs in your business?

44:46 How can you connect with Anthony and Candace?




“She’s right – we are better together, we are stronger together. She runs a side of the company that I don’t wanna touch and vice versa.”


“It’s really important to shut that line off between work when you walk into the doors, it’s just home life now.”


“We love what we do. We don't win all the time, but this is, this is great and we learn everything every time.”




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