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Uncontested Investing

Apr 16, 2024

Kurt Power is a real estate investor, a certified IRA specialist, and the head of Business Development at Quest Trust. He has years of experience in different areas of the industry and he is on the show today to help us learn some of the most valuable lessons he learned throughout his career. 


Listen now to learn more about Kurt’s journey from the fitness industry to real estate, the power of networking, and the importance of people to your success in real estate! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:17 How important are trade shows for real estate investors?

03:15 What are the benefits of networking early in your real estate career?

05:27 How can building a strong network help you discover your strengths?

07:41 What is Kurt’s background?

09:10 How did Kurt’s background in fitness help him in real estate?

11:32 How can your success in one industry carry on to another?

13:26 What is Kurt’s advice for people to achieve success?

16:04 What is real estate investing really about?

18:30 What makes or breaks deals in real estate investing?

20:02 Who are the most influential people in Kurt’s journey?

23:30 What is Kurt passionate about outside of real estate?

26:11 How does Kurt overcome his doubts about being in real estate?

29:17 Where does Kurt stand on mentoring people today?

32:55 What is Kurt focused on being in business development at Quest Trust?

34:43 When is the next Quest Expo going to be? 




“Fitness is very much very entrepreneurial, even if you work for a corporation. You gotta set your own pace, set your own schedule, you gotta run your own business.”


“Success is contagious. When you have it in one area, you start to think “I can do more”, and there really are no limits.”


“Make sure that your friends and family have your best interests in mind and are supportive of you because I promise you, the more on board they are with you, the easier your journey is going to be.”




Website: RCN Capital 


Instagram: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK