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Uncontested Investing

Jan 31, 2023

Mohammed Diab is a Doctor of Pharmacy who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. He moved to the US for a better future and today, he has left his career in healthcare to flip houses and own rental properties. 

Listen to this episode to learn more about Mohammed, his story, and how he built his real estate business shortly after migrating to the US from Sudan! 

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:41 Who is Mohammed Diab?
03:25 What does Mohammed have to say to our listeners?
05:10 What was it like for Mohammed to change his career path?
07:13 What was Mohammed’s first real estate deal like?
08:19 How is real estate in the US different from Sudan?
09:18 How did Mohammed get comfortable with the idea of leverage?
10:56 Why is it important for Mohammed to have multiple exit strategies?
12:45 How did Mohammed adapt to working with contractors?
13:45 What does Mohammed like about flipping and holding properties?
15:46 What were Mohammed’s first few years in real estate investing like?
16:40 What made Mohammed decide to get into real estate investing full time?
17:20 What are Mohammed’s goals for his real estate investing business?
18:45 What went wrong in Mohammed’s first flip?
19:54 What part of business does Mohammed enjoy the most?
23:10 What is Mohammed’s advice to young and new investors?
24:00 How important has a plan been to Mohammed’s success?
25:10 What is Mohammed’s advice to wholesalers?
26:16 How important have relationships been to Mohammed’s success?
27:08 Where is Mohammed investing today?
28:40 Where does Mohammed see himself in 10 years?
29:23 What is Mohammed passionate about outside real estate?
31:11 How can people reach out to Mohammed?


“Everybody has a purpose, you just have to find it, grow it, and then go from there.”

“Here’s the thing, even if you’re hiring a qualified professional but you don’t have enough knowledge to manage them and know if they’re doing it right or wrong, you’re still going to be screwed.”

“The flexibility, the financial freedom I’m getting into – it’s amazing, it has great potential.”

“Time is the most precious thing you have in life and once you have control over that, you’ve got it all.”

“Get a mentor to do it right and avoid mistakes. Mistakes in business can be very costly and it can take you down.”

“I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a passion, so I don’t see myself calling it work. I’ll just be following my passion, doing what I love, and I see myself there.”



Website: RCN Capital

Website: REI INK

Phone: Mohammed Diab
(469) 583 5063

Instagram: Mohammed Diab