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Uncontested Investing

Nov 21, 2023

Tarry Summers is a seasoned real estate investor, developer, and entrepreneur, with hundreds of doors in his portfolio. He has been in business through different market cycles, he has learned from some of the most successful people in the industry, and he is with us today to share all the things that he learned along the way.


Listen now to learn the best tips, tricks, and strategies that will keep you profitable in the real estate space from a seasoned real estate entrepreneur! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:07 Who is Tarry Summers?

03:15 What should real estate investors be focused on today?

06:12 What makes Tarry different from social media influencers?

08:32 Why is Tarry focused on holding properties?

11:13 How did Tarry learn about leveraging real estate?

13:50 What is the hockey stick analogy about?

16:26 What are the benefits of holding onto your residential properties?

18:05 How did Tarry start leveraging his real estate properties?

22:07 What is the importance of understanding the impact of delayed gratification? 

27:04 What was it like for Tarry to do real estate investing full-time?

29:26 Why is it important to focus on equity, cash flow, and profitability?

31:37 What is the best way to learn about real estate investing?

35:15 What is the importance of nurturing relationships as a real estate investor?

38:49 Why do you need to understand the importance of leveraging people’s skills?

43:34 Why is it important to look into the people you’re listening to?

46:56 What is Tarry’s advice for real estate investors today?

48:55 Where can you find The Scalers Only show?

50:02 What are the things you need to consider when choosing a market?

52:21 Why did Tarry buy a gym?

53:41 What was the dumbest investment Tarry ever made?

57:58 How can you get in touch with Tarry?



“The worst thing you can possibly do in real estate is wait. You need to get in, you need to get involved.”

“Rich people do not get rich by making an income, they get rich off of buying assets and then borrowing off their assets.”


“When someone is older and wiser than you, shut up and just listen because they’ve been there.”




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