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Uncontested Investing

Oct 31, 2023

Victoria Cowart is the Director of Education and Outreach at PetScreening, a company that aids in helping residential and commercial spaces become more pet-friendly. Aside from that, Victoria also has decades of experience in property management and she is with us on the show to talk about property management and how investors can make their properties more pet-friendly while mitigating as many risks as possible.


Listen now to learn more about the current rental market conditions, how the tenant bill of rights may affect landlords, and how you can make your rentals more pet-friendly with PetScreening!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:38 Who is Victoria Cowart?

02:54 Why is it important to work with a licensed property manager?

05:24 What should landlords pay attention to in today’s market?

07:29 What makes the tenant bill of rights concerning for landlords?

09:15 What challenges are rental property owners facing with HOAs?

11:34 How does PetScreening help make more properties pet-friendly?

13:25 What are some hurdles with pet policies that investors should be aware of?

16:09 What is the coverage of your property manager’s E&O?
17:56 How do FIDO scores work?

19:35 What are the pet parenting questions asked to get the FIDO score?

21:33 How can your pet get a high FIDO score?

22:05 How is PetScreening helping investors with risk management?

25:51 How does a pet’s age affect their FIDO score?
28:27 What is the difference between evaluating dogs and cats for rental properties?

30:52 How does the FIDO score help property managers select tenants?

32:05 What are the costs that tenants need to cover when renting with pets?

36:36 What is Victoria’s advice for real estate investors today?

38:00 How can understanding pet policies help you generate more revenue?

40:10 What does it mean to be pet passionate?

42:37 How can you connect with Victoria and know more about PetScreening?




“It just seems our industry is unreasonably attacked as being predatory and it’s not. We are providing affordable housing.”


“What we’re doing for the industry is we’re building a fence around the liability and the risk management of pets and animals like you would want around a swimming pool.”

“Pet rent should always be required, you just have a range. $45-$65 to start off, you just create a $20 window for our 5 paws.”




Email: Victoria Cowart


Website: PetScreening


Email: PetScreening