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Uncontested Investing

Mar 21, 2023

Ted Studdard is a retired US Marine Colonel with over 30 years of leadership experience in the military. Today, he uses his background and experience to help professionals become better leaders in their chosen fields.


Listen to this episode to learn more about Ted, his experience as a military leader, and how he is using his background to develop better business leaders today!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:47 Who is Ted Studdard?
02:14 What does Ted do today?

03:20 What should people be focused on today?

04:57 Why is it important to build people up?

08:08 Why do leaders need to learn how to delegate?

13:56 How can we become better leaders?

16:19 How does someone know what skills they need to improve?

21:20 What is the right way to delegate to your team?

23:07 What makes a good leader?

25:42 What prevents people from growing?

29:11 What are some leadership traps people can fall into?

33:11 What is Ted’s advice to young entrepreneurs?

36:14 What is the importance of understanding the real value networking?

38:59 How can veterans overcome the struggle with structure outside the military?

45:21 Why is it important to pay attention to the way you speak as a leader?

48:53 What is Ted’s book about?



“As entrepreneurs or any leader, we gravitate to doing things. We’re doers, but if we can get all those other people, think about how that exponentially raises what we are capable of accomplishing.”


“I think in our professional lives and personal lives, we need a network of people, not that’s always going to tell us yes, not always to agree with us, but folks to tell us real, unfiltered feedback.”


“A good leader is a good teacher, a good mentor – you have to be able to teach and help people grow.”


“I think as human beings, we’re sometimes reluctant to ask for feedback because we love the good feedback, but we don’t like the feedback that’s really important and sometimes, that negative feedback, we need to hear to grow from.”


“As leaders, sometimes we get so caught up that we put our ego in front of the organization or the mission, just like I did.”




Website: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK


Book: Depot to Depot


Website: The Studdard Company


LinkedIn: Ted Studdard