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Uncontested Investing

Apr 11, 2023

John Gordon is the Director of National Accounts at the Home Depot and a radio host with a show on home improvement for over 20 years now. He is with us today to help us better understand the world of home improvement and how it has changed through the years.


Listen now to learn more about John, the impact of technology on home improvement, and how the Home Depot has been serving its customers consistently!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:46 Who is John Gordon?

02:20 What is John’s advice to people today?

04:03 What do you do when the economy turns on you?

07:11 Why did John decide to focus on the bottomline?

09:53 How have professionals been dealing with the changes in the market?

12:10 What was it like for John to experience the growth in technology through the years? 

16:00 Why is balance important for technology in business?

21:42 How have people been adapting to supply chain issues?

24:31 What is the importance of building strong relationships?

30:45 What is John’s advice to young entrepreneurs today?

32:33 How does the Home Depot value wheel help maintain culture across the organization?

37:01 Why does John like doing the Home Improvement radio show?

40:58 Why are relationships important to your success?

43:52 How much has the Home Depot app developed over the years?

46:15 Where can you listen to John’s Home Improvement show?




“Where there’s not a balance between understanding technology and understanding the real estate business, there’s ugliness.”


“If you have a healthy balance between technology and your business, you’re gonna be fine.”


“If you don’t do the work on the front end, the back end is going to be garbage. We heard garbage in, garbage out – I say nothing in, garbage out.”


“Shortcuts are not good in technology. I know that they’re designed to save time, but you gotta do a little leg work.”


“Think about the investors when things got dicey in 2008-2009 who did not slam on the brakes – they did very well and they began an industry that didn’t even exist until they decided to keep going.”


“Look at your relationships, look at your network, and understand. Do you have the right people in it?”


“You don’t wanna look for money when you need money, you wanna build the relationship for when you may need the money, and I think it’s the same when you’re working with the Home Depot.”




Website: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK


Website: The Home Improvement Show with John and Dave


Email: John Gordon