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Uncontested Investing

May 9, 2023

Scott Horne is an attorney with over 30 years of experience in Texas. As the owner of Horne and Associates, PC, and Owner Finance Networking, Scott shares his unique perspective on the constantly changing landscape of real estate investing and gives his advice about navigating market changes and making wise investing decisions.


Listen to this episode to learn more about Scott and his approach to making financial decisions and how he is using math to guide his choices!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:07 Who is Scott Horne?

02:45 What is Scott’s advice for real estate investors today?

05:12 What makes today’s market different from what we’ve had in the past?

07:28 How much has the real estate market changed over the years?

12:54 Why is it important for real estate investors to learn from the past?

14:29 How much have prices changed in the housing market?

16:00 How can you be prepared for changes in the market?

20:09 What strategies are being used by real estate investors today?

23:18 Why are 40-year mortgages not a practical way to own a home?

26:43 How does Scott use math to make financial decisions?

28:40 How does the fed influence the decisions that banks are making?

31:10 What can you do to protect yourself and your assets from the changes in the economy?

36:30 What is Scott’s advice to all young investors?

37:41 How did Scott help Tim get through the 2008 crash?

40:36 What is the importance of understanding delayed gratification?

42:41 What can we look forward to in the housing market?

44:24 How can you connect with Scott?




“You have to expect and anticipate things to happen and be prepared to handle it.”


“You can generate cash flow, but you also generate wealth by holding assets that are debt free that somebody else can't take away from you.”


“If you are not forward-thinking enough to put something back and to start that, that growth curve, you will never have it because you're going to blow everything.”




Website: RCN Capital


Website: REI INK


Website: Horne & Associates P.C. 


Website: The Owner Finance Network 


Website: Goat Funding Group 


Book: The Millionaire Next Door