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Uncontested Investing

May 23, 2023

Jeremy Brandt is a seasoned real estate investor who continuously works on finding ways to innovate and grow his business. Today, Jeremy and his team is taking advantage of different AI tools to improve his business, from streamlining processes to predicting market trends.


Listen now to learn how AI technology can help you grow your business and how Jeremy uses it to grow his!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:30 What is Jeremy’s background?

01:35 How did Jeremy start his real estate career?

03:01 What is Jeremy’s advice for real estate investors today?

04:46 How are AI tools making businesses more efficient?

05:51 How can we use AI in businesses like call centers?

08:02 Why are more businesses utilizing AI for their processes?

09:24 How is AI helping lending businesses evaluate borrowers?

11:22 Why is AI becoming essential for all kinds of businesses?

13:21 How is AI technology changing process improvement?

16:27 What is the best way to map your business processes?

17:35 How can you improve your processes with your team?

19:02 What are investors looking at this year?

22:39 Why is it difficult to predict where the real estate market is going?

24:35 What does real estate look like today?

25:34 What does the future of real estate look like?

26:03 Why is it important to have a long-term outlook in real estate?

28:22 What factors should investors consider when purchasing properties?

31:47 What is Jeremy’s best advice for investors today?

32:35 How has marketing evolved through the years?

34:22 What marketing platforms should you be investing in?

36:27 Why should businesses be exploring new methods and strategies?

39:05 Why is Jeremy still part of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization?

40:15 What is Jeremy’s advice for entrepreneurs?

41:41 Why is it important to surround yourself with like-minded people?

43:25 How can you connect with Jeremy?




“We’re using AI a lot in our business relative to real estate. I think this is something that if you’re not on the front edge of, you’re gonna miss out.”


“Consistently doing the same thing over and over and over again is what brings real wealth and real success in life.”


“People are just being more cautious but we’re not seeing people shutting their business down.”




Website: We Buy Houses  


LinkedIn: Jeremy Brandt


Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK