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Uncontested Investing

May 14, 2024

In honor of Uncontested Investing’s 100th episode, we’ve invited a familiar face to sit down with us and talk about what he loves most – Tim Herriage. Since stepping away from the podcast, Tim has focused more on growing his portfolio and building Ternus, a lending company based in Dallas, among many other ventures. He is on the show today to answer questions from our subscribers and share a couple of nuggets for real estate investors who want to succeed in today’s market! 


Listen now to hear what Tim Herriage has been up to, how Ternus is growing, and listen to his answers to questions from our listeners!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

02:24 What has it been like for Tim to be able to focus on investing again?

06:04 What is the story behind Ternus?

11:15 What is Tim’s role at Ternus?

12:52 Uncontested Investing highlights

15:12 What answers from guests he interviewed stood out the most for Tim?

18:10 How can you successfully transform into a better version of yourself?

20:04 What are Tim and Nate’s most memorable experiences in Uncontested Investing?

22:58 What should new real estate investors do as they start their journey?

27:40 What does the future look like for Uncontested Investing?

29:30 Who do we want to invite as guests in Uncontested Investing?

31:13 What topics should be covered in Uncontested Investing in future episodes?

33:53 What are Tim and Nate’s best behind the scenes moments?

35:19 What do we want listeners to take away from every episode?

37:18 What are the biggest lessons Tim and Nate learned from hosting Uncontested Investing?

41:00 What are Tim and Nate’s favorite episodes they recorded?

46:11 Where do we find the best resources for information we share on the podcast?




“It reminds you that every day, your biggest competition is most likely the man or the woman in the mirror and if you can beat that person, you can beat them all.”


“I think it’s not enough to see the person in the mirror if you’re not willing to do what is necessary to correct what you don’t like that you see.”


“The resource that’s most valuable is your network. The resource that’s most valuable is your contacts. The resource that’s most valuable is the person that’s willing to do something for you or with you without putting their hand out for money or compensation.”




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