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Uncontested Investing

May 28, 2024

In this episode of "Uncontested Investing," host Nate Zielinski sits down with John Seroka, President of Seroka Marketing and PR, a firm with over 37 years of experience in the mortgage and private lending industry. John shares insights into his career, the importance of family legacy, and how his company helps private lenders and real estate professionals elevate their marketing strategies. From personal anecdotes to professional advice, this episode is packed with valuable information for anyone looking to improve their marketing game in the real estate sector.

Talking Points with Timestamps:

0:00 - Introduction of John Seroka) Introduction by Nate Zielinski. Overview of John's background and the longevity of Seroka Marketing.

1:11 - Family Legacy and Business Growth) Discussion about the family's involvement in the business. Expanding the company and working with real estate professionals.

2:14 - Early Career and Industry Challenges) John's start in the mortgage industry. Initial challenges and successes in telemarketing and sales.

4:34 - Transition to Marketing) John's move from mortgage origination to the family business. Building his own brand and marketing strategies.

10:04 - Digital Marketing Success) Key performance indicators (KPIs) for digital marketing success. Importance of a well-structured marketing strategy.

12:06 - Common Marketing Pitfalls) Common issues faced by private lenders with their websites. Importance of a healthy and well-optimized website.

14:00 - Branding and Positioning) Crafting a unique corporate personality. Steps to improve branding and positioning in the market.

18:00 - Moneymaking Minute) John's advice on continuous learning and adaptability. Staying updated with industry trends and technology.

37:07 - Networking and Trade Shows) Importance of networking in the industry. Tips for effective networking and building lasting connections.

40:13 - Passion Projects and Personal Balance) John's focus on family and personal health. Balancing professional demands with personal well-being.

Resources Mentioned:

Seroka Marketing and PR: Learn more about Seroka Marketing and their services at

LinkedIn: Connect with John Seroka on LinkedIn for more insights and professional connections at

Key Takeaways:

Continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends are crucial for success.

Building a strong, optimized website is essential for digital marketing.

Networking and maintaining professional relationships can significantly impact your career.

Balancing work with personal life and health is vital for long-term success.

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