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Uncontested Investing

Feb 20, 2024

Ricardo Rosales is a real estate entrepreneur with years of experience in flipping and owning rental properties. Today, he is the CEO of Top Of The Line VA and Prospector Web, which are businesses he built out of the challenges he faced during different market cycles. He is on the show today to tell us more about his journey, what fuels his passion, and how he overcame adversity through the years.


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:15 Who is Ricardo Rosales?

02:30 What should investors be focused on in today’s market?

04:45 What is the purpose of Ricardo’s events?

09:01 What is Ricardo’s background?

12:22 How did Ricardo transition from owning rentals to flipping properties?

14:52 Why did Ricardo need to become a contractor?

16:34 What challenges come with growing a business too fast?

20:35 How did Ricardo get involved in wholesaling?

23:33 What turning point gave Ricardo the idea to start a VA business?

26:45 Why is Ricardo passionate about educating the Hispanic community about real estate?

30:49 Why did Ricardo refuse to file for bankruptcy?

35:38 What is Ricardo focused on today?

37:12 What challenges did Ricardo have to face with his VA business?

40:58 What are Ricardo’s plans for the future?

42:12 What is Ricardo’s advice for entrepreneurs today?

43:04 How can you connect with Ricardo and his team?




“Pick one first and run with it, so before you diversify yourself into 4 or 5 income streams, make sure you’re good at one, that way you could pay the bills with that.”


“Businesses are either going up or going down. There’s not a plateau. There’s no steady state, that doesn’t exist.”


“Just go and take action. Go implement everything you’ve dreamed of – if you wanna be a real estate investor, go buy something. A piece of land, buy a mobile home, buy a trailer, buy a house, buy something, but go do it and don’t just stay in the planning stages.”




Instagram: Ricardo Rosales


Website: Ricardo Rosales


Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK