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Uncontested Investing

Feb 13, 2024

Mark Bloom is the co-founder of NetWorth Realty, a large wholesaler and hard money lender in different states across the country. He is a seasoned real estate investor with over 20 years of experience in the industry, and he is on the show today to talk about the reality of being a real estate investor and how you can become a reliable wholesaler in today’s economy.


Listen now to learn more about the trends in the real estate market over the last few years, how it has affected real estate investors, and what you can do if you want to succeed in real estate investing today! 


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction 

00:57 Who is Mark Bloom?

03:10 What should real estate investors be focused on today?

05:31 How did the last few months affect seasoned real estate investors?

07:37 Why is real estate still a great investment to make today?

09:07 What are people often asking about wholesaling?

12:09 Where are the opportunities for real estate investors coming from?

15:50 Why does NetWorth Realty operate with licensed professionals?

18:40 What makes a license beneficial for real estate investors?

21:31 Why are regulations important in any kind of business?

22:21 How many states and markets does NetWorth Realty operate in?

23:03 How is NetWorth Realty adjusting to different market conditions?

27:07 What is Mark’s advice for investors who are rehabbing properties today?

30:39 What advice does Mark have for new investors today?

35:10 Why is it important to understand the power of compounding in real estate?

40:05 How can consistency create more opportunities for you?

43:17 How can you truly become successful in life?

44:54 How can you learn more about NetWorth Realty?




“In this business, you buy – you make your money on the buy side. If you do your numbers right and you know what your numbers are, those numbers aren’t gonna change that much in 3 to 6 months.”


“People will do crazy stuff for money so there has to be some level of regulation but when that regulation starts to impair the choices and the options that businesses and citizens have unreasonably, then that’s difficult.”


“I think by being open, by being honest, by being legitimate, by not having people smearing my name and dragging my name through the mud because we’re trying to do the right thing has helped us maybe weather some of the storms.”




Website: NetWorth Realty


Website: RCN Capital 


Website: REI INK