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Uncontested Investing

Apr 9, 2024

Larry Friedman, the co-founder of SDF Capital, is a real estate investor with a strong background in accounting and finance. He got into real estate investing with his partner after years of working in different industries and they’ve successfully scaled their business from doing one deal every now and then, to now over 100 deals per year. 


Listen now to learn more about Larry’s journey into real estate investing and how the right systems and processes can help you scale your business the way they did!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:45 Who is Larry Friedman? 

01:46 What are the advantages of having a background in finance?

03:05 How important is it to have the right partner if you want to succeed in business?

04:09 What is Larry’s background?

06:16 How did Larry get into real estate investing?

07:39 How did Larry and his partner prepare for their real estate business?

09:28 What habits can help reinforce success in your life? 

11:31 What was the biggest challenge as Larry scaled his business?

12:52 How did Larry and his partner overcome the hurdles that came with scaling the business?

14:34 How does location affect your real estate business?

15:24 What is the importance of your company’s core values?

17:00 What are the biggest deal breakers in the real estate space?

19:57 How does Larry overcome the doubts that come with real estate investing?

21:40 What is the importance of having a buy box when you’re an investor?

23:50 What is Larry passionate about outside of real estate?

25:33 What educational resources does Larry recommend for new investors?

27:03 What is next step for Larry and SDF Capital?




“This is a lonely business to start with, so I think having a partner has been amazing.”


“In this business, if you start and you don’t have any knowledge, you can get badly hurt and we’ve seen that happen.”

“I can say that real estate has afforded me the luxury of being at every event, being with my kids whenever they need me.”




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