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The Competitive Edge Podcast: Fatherhood | Fitness | Focus

Apr 8, 2024

EP 53 | Solocast | Reconnecting with Past Passions: Finding Joy in Life
In this solo podcast episode, Daniel Hickman shares his experience of reconnecting with his past passion for hockey. He reflects on the reasons why he walked away from the sport and the emptiness he felt when it was over. However, he decides to give it another try and joins a hockey game as a sub. He describes the joy and excitement he felt while playing and the positive impact it had on his mindset. He emphasizes the importance of reconnecting with past passions and finding enjoyment in life to thrive in various areas.
  • Reflect on past passions and consider reconnecting with them
  • Finding enjoyment and fun in life is important for overall well-being
  • Reconnecting with past passions can have a positive impact on mindset and motivation
  • Balancing seriousness and enjoyment in various areas of life is crucial for thriving
Sound Bites
  • "Reconnecting with past passions can 10x you to the next level"
  • "Hockey is the one thing where nothing matters when I'm on the ice"
  • "I felt like I was lit up, it just made me so happy"
00:00 Introduction: Reconnecting with Past Passions
02:24 Rediscovering the Fire: The Smelly Old Hockey Bag
04:20 Rejecting the Idea: Walking Away from Hockey
08:13 Keeping the Faith: Getting Back on the Sub List
10:06 Taking the Leap: Playing Hockey Again
14:19 Reconnecting with Pure Enjoyment: The Joy of Playing
16:13 Finding Balance: Rethinking Training and Enjoyment
21:54 Unstoppable Passion: The Fire That Cannot Be Put Out
22:52 Conclusion: Prioritizing Personal Enjoyment