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The Competitive Edge Podcast: Fatherhood | Fitness | Focus

Apr 15, 2024

In this episode, host Daniel Hickman interviews Joey Davenport, a survey mapping tech and competitive athlete. Joey shares his journey into his career and how he stumbled upon survey mapping. He also discusses the challenges and joys of being a father to three boys. Joey reflects on his biggest accomplishments and fears as a father, emphasizing the importance of setting a positive example for his children. As an athlete, Joey finds fulfillment in executing his plans and achieving personal records. In this conversation, Joseph Davenport discusses his training and racing experiences as a father. He shares the challenges of balancing training with family responsibilities and the need for flexibility in his training schedule. Joseph also provides insights into his training approach for GoRuck and Hyrox races, emphasizing the importance of running and being comfortable with discomfort. He highlights the value of teamwork and the competitive edge, which he defines as the ability to push through pain and make wise decisions in difficult situations.
  • Balancing training and family responsibilities requires flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Prioritizing running and being comfortable with discomfort are key elements of training for GoRuck and Hyrox races.
  • Teamwork and the competitive edge are essential for success in OCR races, as they provide motivation and support.
  • Making wise decisions and setting oneself up for success ahead of time are crucial for achieving goals and avoiding unnecessary challenges.
00:00 Introduction and Background
00:50 Career in Survey Mapping Tech
09:04 Accomplishments and Fears as a Father
28:25 Prioritizing Training and Racing
29:12 Training Challenges as a Father
30:08 Flexible Training Schedule
31:32 Training with a Baby
34:13 Training Mileage and CrossFit
36:26 Training for GoRuck and Hyrox
38:02 Training with a Partner
40:40 Advice for First-Time GoRuck Racers
43:50 Defining the Competitive Edge
45:08 Comfort in Discomfort
47:37 The Importance of Teamwork
52:56 The Wisdom of Making Wise Decisions