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Thread & Therapy

Mar 21, 2023

In this episode, Mary of Sew Mary Happy discusses her traumatic experience with having Covid-19 and how the quilting community helped her through it. Mary is full of positivity and light, and she shares how quilting rejuvenates that for her.


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Mar 7, 2023

Bailey of Copper and Citrus shares her story about miscarriage, depression and the journey she undertook to find her passion amist it all. 



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Feb 21, 2023

In this episode, my friend Sarah discusses how quilting was not only there for the last of her mother's life, but also for the grief that came with it. Sarah also talks about how quilting continues to be therapeutic for her mental health. 



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Feb 7, 2023

Cassie a.k.a Bunny has been through so much in such a small window of time. After a traumatizing childbirth and many hurdles to overcome, Cassie shares how quilting reignited her creativity and self.





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You can...

Jan 24, 2023

In our opening episode, Erin Grogan of Love Sew Modern shares her journey and struggles with ADHD, anxiety and depression. I'm really excited for you to get to know my friend Erin, as I am sure you will find some part of her story relatable.

**Trigger Warning**

This episode contains mentions of self harm and suicide. If...