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After the IEP: College Transition and Success Tips for Parents of Students with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health Conditions

Want to learn more about college accessibility for students with learning disabilities and ADHD, college mental health issues (hidden disabilities), and self-advocacy? Tune into Accessing College’s podcast, After The IEP! In this podcast, gain insight into how to navigate the higher education system as a student with a hidden disability, and learn insider tips on what you need to know during the college search process to make the best choice. Learn the importance of building the skills needed for personal and academic success, self-advocacy, and personal wellness. Tune in today and get the information you need for the success you want! Unstress your success!

Sep 6, 2023

Are you a parent eager to guide your college-bound student toward academic triumph? Join us in this insightful podcast episode as we delve into the art of designing a study schedule that propels your student's success to new heights. The first semester is a pivotal phase, and the key to conquering it lies in strategic planning.

This episode unveils four essential tips to help your student create a study schedule tailored to their unique needs. Whether your child faces challenges like dyslexia, ADHD, or anxiety, or simply needs guidance in optimizing their study routine, this podcast equips you with actionable steps.

Learn how to make the most of open time slots between classes, allocating study hours based on peak cognitive performance. Discover the power of the Pomodoro Technique and the importance of brain rest in enhancing focus and memory retention. I also unveil the secret to effective nightly and morning review routines that set the stage for productive days.

As a parent, your role in shaping your student's study habits is crucial. This podcast arms you with the knowledge to provide tailored support and guidance. 

Tune in and unlock the tools you need to empower your student to thrive academically and beyond. Your role as a guiding force in their education just got a whole lot easier!

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