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After the IEP: College Transition and Success Tips for Parents of Students with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health Conditions

Want to learn more about college accessibility for students with learning disabilities and ADHD, college mental health issues (hidden disabilities), and self-advocacy? Tune into Accessing College’s podcast, After The IEP! In this podcast, gain insight into how to navigate the higher education system as a student with a hidden disability, and learn insider tips on what you need to know during the college search process to make the best choice. Learn the importance of building the skills needed for personal and academic success, self-advocacy, and personal wellness. Tune in today and get the information you need for the success you want! Unstress your success!

Jan 24, 2024

In this episode, we confront a common myth: the pursuit of life balance in college. This episode challenges the notion that balance is the ultimate goal for students.

Ever heard someone clamor for more life balance? It's a familiar refrain, but here's the catch—balance might not be the panacea we imagine it to be. In fact, striving for it could lead to more problems than solutions. So, what's the alternative? Flexibility takes center stage in this discussion. Exploring the pitfalls of rigid balance, we unravel the concept's consequences, from conflicting priorities to stifling constraints.

Instead, we champion flexibility as the true north for college success. Discover how embracing flexibility unlocks a world of benefits, enabling students to navigate shifting priorities and achieve a state of flow. Join us as we explore the power of flexibility over the illusory pursuit of balance in the college journey. Tune in for insights that might just redefine your approach to student life!

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