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After the IEP: College Transition and Success Tips for Parents of Students with ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and Mental Health Conditions

Want to learn more about college accessibility for students with learning disabilities and ADHD, college mental health issues (hidden disabilities), and self-advocacy? Tune into Accessing College’s podcast, After The IEP! In this podcast, gain insight into how to navigate the higher education system as a student with a hidden disability, and learn insider tips on what you need to know during the college search process to make the best choice. Learn the importance of building the skills needed for personal and academic success, self-advocacy, and personal wellness. Tune in today and get the information you need for the success you want! Unstress your success!

Jan 10, 2024

Welcome to After the IEP! In this month’s episode, we're diving into a critical skill that can redefine your child's trajectory: resilience. Failure is inevitable, especially in the journey of a student. As parents, witnessing these setbacks can be tough, but fostering resilience can empower them to bounce back stronger.

In this installment, we embark on a journey to equip both parents of college-goers and high schoolers with pivotal strategies for building resilience. Join us as we dissect Bruce Lee's wisdom—shaping our children's skills not by providing what we lacked but by teaching what we didn't learn.

We'll explore the essence of resilience, emphasizing that failure marks not the end but a beginning. Unpacking the significance of a growth mindset (featured in episode 30) and grasping the art of introspection: acknowledging lessons learned and envisioning necessary changes.

Crucially, self-care takes center stage—we emphasize its non-negotiable role in the resilience-building process. Shifting perspectives, we reframe learning as a continuous journey, not a final destination devoid of mistakes. Plus, crafting a wellness plan becomes a cornerstone to nurturing resilience.

As we gear up to celebrate the podcast's first anniversary next week, let’s mark this milestone by joining in on this vital conversation. Tune in and equip yourself with the tools to instill resilience in your child’s journey toward success in college and life.

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