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Unraveling Adoption

Apr 15, 2024

"I hate when people say that my life should be a movie. Can we just ban that phrase?" - Jeremy

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of Unraveling Adoption, host Beth Syverson delves into the complexities of adoption alongside her guest, Jeremy, a 24-year-old adopted person from Texas. Jeremy shares his journey of struggling with various health issues and neurodivergence, only to discover the genetic roots of his challenges after reuniting with his birth family in 2022.

Jeremy's adoption story unfolds as he recounts being adopted in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from a birth family in Denver. Raised in Texas by adoptive parents who were open about his adoption but painted a negative picture of his birth mother, Jeremy grew up questioning his identity and health issues without a clear genetic history.

As Jeremy navigates his health challenges, including asthma, joint pain, and dysautonomia, he sheds light on the importance of knowing one's genetic background for proper diagnosis and treatment. With a recent diagnosis of hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Jeremy emphasizes the need for healthcare professionals to recognize and address invisible disabilities like EDS.

Through his journey of self-discovery and reunion with his birth family, Jeremy finds validation and understanding in shared experiences with relatives who also have EDS. He highlights the significance of acceptance and support from adoptive families, healthcare providers, and the community in addressing the unique needs of adoptees with complex medical histories.

Listeners are encouraged to reflect on the impact of closed adoptions, ableism, and stigma surrounding birth parents, as Beth and Jeremy advocate for a more inclusive and informed approach to adoption and healthcare. The episode concludes with a call to action for spreading awareness and support for adoptees facing health challenges and seeking reunion.

To connect with Jeremy and explore more adoption-related content, visit his Instagram account, Borderline Adoptee. Additionally, listeners are invited to engage with Unraveling Adoption through their website and Patreon community to support ongoing discussions and resources for adoptive families and individuals impacted by adoption. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations and stories on Unraveling Adoption.


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  • 00:00:02 - Introduction to Unraveling Adoption: Beth Syverson introduces the podcast and shares her personal connection to adoption.

  • 00:01:05 - Jeremy's Adoption Story: Jeremy shares his adoption story, including details about his birth family and upbringing.

  • 00:03:01 - Searching for Birth Mother: Jeremy talks about his search for his birth mother and the impact of not knowing his genetic history.

  • 00:05:30 - Discovering Neurodivergence: Jeremy discusses his diagnosis of neurodivergence and the challenges he faced growing up.

  • 00:06:28 - Diagnosis of Asperger's: Jeremy shares his diagnosis of Asperger's and the challenges he faced due to misconceptions about his condition.

  • 00:08:09 - Uncovering Health Conditions: Jeremy talks about the health issues he faced as a child and the discovery of his genetic conditions later in life.

  • 00:10:49 - Reunion with Birth Father: Jeremy discusses meeting his birth father and the lack of medical information provided by him.

  • 00:13:41 - Understanding Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: Jeremy explains Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a genetic connective tissue disorder, and his journey to diagnosis.

  • 00:18:46 - Impact of Genetic Knowledge: Jeremy reflects on how knowing his genetic history from the beginning could have positively impacted his self-identity and health management.

  • 00:21:44 - Advocating for Adoptees' Health: Jeremy discusses the importance of healthcare professionals and adoptive families supporting adoptees in managing their medical diagnoses.

  • 00:23:35 - Addressing Ableism and Misconceptions: Jeremy highlights the need to combat ableism and misconceptions surrounding invisible disabilities like EDS.

  • 00:27:00 - Connecting with Jeremy: Jeremy shares his Instagram handle for further engagement and invites others in the adoption community to reach out.