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High Road to Humanity

Mar 11, 2023

Geoff Thompson joins me from the UK to talk about forgiveness. Geoff tells his story of abuse at the young age of 11 and how he learned to forgive the person who changed his life forever. Geoff says, " Forgiveness is not letting them off." "We are not offering them a get out of jail free card." We address revenge and the health ramifications of not forgiving. We suffer because we want to see justice, but he reminds us it's about compassion and love. Geoff Thompson is BAFTA -winning screenwriter, penning multi-award-winning films for luminaries such as Ray Winstone, Orlando Bloom and Anne Reid. He has written over forty books in the self-help genre and they have been published in 21 countries. Geoff is also among the worlds highest ranking self defense and martial arts instructors. The prestigious Black Belt Magazine USA pulled him as the most influential martial artist in the world since Bruce Lee. An amazing conversation. The book is called 99 Reasons to Forgive and Revenge Ain't One