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"Nancy's Psychic View" Takes the High Road to Humanity

Sep 15, 2023

Jiulio Consiglio joins me from Ontario, Canada to share his Videos of the contact he has made with the ETs in the past couple years. He began seeing lights, ships and orbs in October of 2020. His videos range from the early days to current video sightings. He shares with us his insight of why they are connecting with him. He also delivers their messages to humanity. Julio shares several videos of his sighting that are right in his back yard! We discuss time, orbs and a fake invasion to bring fear to the people, but he stresses not to be afraid. Julio Consiglio is a spiritual teacher and author who focuses on the transformative power of inner stillness, the mind-body-spirit connection, and psychic development. His message is that there is life beyond fear and incessant thinking, and it is found in the dimensions of inner stillness. Jiulio is currently offers his consciousness-based teachings to individuals and groups. This is a Great Show to Share! Thank you Jiulio. His website is: Socials: Tiktok: JiulioConsiglio *Thank you for Watching* Love Nancy You can Listen to the Podcast on my Website, THANK YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING TO MY CHANNEL