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"Nancy's Psychic View" Takes the High Road to Humanity

Sep 30, 2023

Liz Peterson joins me on the show today to share her new book written about death and how we who are left behind handle the grief. "We all know our parents are going to die eventually but we are never really prepared", says Liz Peterson. We talk about the contact she has had with her mother since her passing and the many signs that she has brought to her for comfort. Liz is an advanced intuitive energy healer, reiki master, spiritual coach, podcaster and author. Throughout her life she has been a dedicated student of healing and metaphysical topics, driven by a deep desire to understand and harness the power of energy. We talk about the signs we receive from spirit to comfort us and messages through song lyrics. We also discuss the anger and the hurt that has to be released to remain healthy and balanced after trauma and grief. Visit Liz on her website at ******************************************** I am writing a new book about angels and messages from St. Gabriel and will keep you posted on its launching. If you would like to read Wake Up! The Universe is Speaking to You, you can purchase at Barnes & Noble Here is the link: