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"Nancy's Psychic View" Takes the High Road to Humanity

May 26, 2023

Soli Deo Gloria means Glory to God, this is written in Rosemary's account of what happened when she had a near death experience.

When Rose's husband committed suicide at their home, she fell into a pit so deep and dark that medical professionals expressed doubts that she'd ever fully recover. Two years later she was diagnosed with stage two cancer and during  a related minor medical procedure she bleed to death and had no heart beat for 10 minutes. In heaven her predominant emotion was profound gratitude that this life had ended, but the angelic beings she encountered encouraged Rose to return to earth. She tells us her story on the high road.

Rosemary says, " This book is my own Divine commission and it's my fondest hope that it will give glory to God and Bless all of mankind. 

Her book is called "Remembering the Light "