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Highroad to Humanity

Jan 21, 2023

After 30 years in the entertainment industry working "behind the curtain" for some of music's biggest names, John turned his attention to health and wellness in an effort to help his wife heal from what was originally diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. He tells us his story and how he came to realize that things are not what they appear to be. His mindset changed and along with the 4 co-authors of this book who all felt the same way, put together The Red Pill Revolution. There is allot of history of our country and interesting aha moments in the book that may or may not surprise you Informative show for humanity. We all need to be aware of what is going on behind the scenes what is the truth so we can make good choices. Thanks to John and his co-authors, Jeremy Ayres, Phil Escott, Ben Hunt and Graeme Norbury for sharing their findings about many things including water, food, medical care, big business health care and more with humanity. Their website is: TheRedPillRevolution To contact Nancy visit or email nancy@highroadtohumanity