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High Road to Humanity

May 17, 2023

Phil Webster joins me from London to tell his story of mystical and paranormal experiences dating back to his childhood. He dedicates this book to his Mum, Maureen Webster who passed in January 2021 and was the inspiration and transformation to his spiritual path. Phil is a writer, actor, meditation teacher, and developing medium. After 20 years of living abroad he returned to the UK and adventured into acting. He has appeared in movies alongside Sylvester Stallone, Benedict Cumberbatch and Elle Fanning. "Letting Glow"  is his first book. 

We talk about the Quija Board and his experiencing as a young boy of fifteen. He talks about astral travel, affirmations, meditation and Shamanic journeying.He shares a powerful mediation in the book , "The Mountain and the Mirror." Great information for all of us on our spiritual journey. Phil lives in the U.K.