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High Road to Humanity

Dec 30, 2023

"What Humanity Can Learn From The Near Death Experience"

Since his retirement his passion is as a seeker of the answers and a writer of Some fabulous spiritual books. He reveals the findings from the International Association for Near Death Studies Inc. The answers we are looking for are in the words of the people who lived to tell what they saw, heard, felt and know. We talk about what happens when you die? Does God exist? Do we have a unique purpose on earth? Are we judged when we die? What the life review about? Are there beings of light, your Guardian Angel and Guides? This is a fabulous book and a wonderful interview with Douglas. Douglas Hodgson is a retired Dean and Professor of Law, and a Lawyer in Perth, Western Australia. HIs areas of expertise include International Humanitarian Law, Civil Law and Causation Law. May your 2024' be joyful, prosperous full of love and bright! Come and see me In LA In February at the Conscious Life Expo 2024' I will be conducting a workshop on Angel Communication Using Spiritual Law. Love to all Nancy