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"Nancy's Psychic View" Takes the High Road to Humanity

Jul 26, 2023

In 1990 Julie Lewis was diagnosed HIV+ and given 3-5 years to live. This occurred after she received a blood transfusion from her daughters brith in 1984. It is fa blessing thatJulie is still with us today. We discuss the medical facilities that she has been a past of creating around the world, the 30/30 Project. The goal was to build 30 clinics for 30 years that she had lived with AIDS. Within five years her organization along with Construction for Change CFC helped bring accessible healthcare to nearly 1 million patents in 28 locations in Bolivia, India, Kenya, Malawi, Puerto Rico, Rwanda, South Africa,Togo, Uganda and the U.S.A. Great information for humanity!  Her website is The book is called "Still Positive" Her website is The book is called "Still Positive"