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Dungeons & Talkshows

Apr 12, 2023

Dungeons & Talkshows is a D&D/Tabletop rpg podcast bringing you monsters, news and homebrews in the casual style of friends at the table. With exciting guests. Sometimes going on side tangents then pulled back to the point much like a home game. Join us as we explore the far reaches of the hobby from monster lore, reddit homebrew, community news and the diverse perspective players, DMs and non-players alike in this one of a kind podcast.

This week: Blink dogs, diplacer beasts, podcast duos? Oh my!

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Guest: Amethyst Dragon

Homebrew Showcase:

Mass Sheild/Herd the Flock: Monkey DM

What They Don't Tell You: Magic Items | MrRhexx (

Spelljammer 5e conversion ~The Amethyst Dragon