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Wild Turkey Science

Wild Turkey Science is a science-based podcast bringing you the latest research on wild turkey ecology and management. This podcast is made possible by Turkeys for Tomorrow and is part of the Natural Resources University podcast network. 

Mar 30, 2023

In this episode, we give you an update on the ongoing projects in Alabama including preliminary results on which gobblers can breed, the most common predators of nests, effects of hunting on gobbling, and more. 

Paper: Proportion of tom’s had testes large enough that they could breed

Dr. Marcus Lashley (

Mar 27, 2023

Is density dependence operating on wild turkeys? Dr. Bret Collier walks us through his point of view on density dependence and whether it is responsible for observed changes in turkey populations. We cover a lot of ground and discuss various aspects of wild turkey biology from many studies and regions. 


Mar 20, 2023

What is density-dependence and could it be driving the patterns we're seeing in declining populations? Dr. Mark McConnell joins Marcus and Will to pull knowledge from research on density-dependence in upland game bird species and how these factors may affect wild turkey populations.


Mar 13, 2023

What does the available wild turkey research tell us and what gaps need to be filled moving forward? Dr. Chitwood walks us through 50+ years of published literature on eastern wild turkey vital rates. They literally incorporated all of the vital rates published on easterns into a model, to determine the status...

Mar 9, 2023

It’s obvious that we need to do something about poult-rearing cover. What are the opportunities for you to help on land you don’t own? Join Marcus and Will as they discuss what desirable brooding cover looks like, how to achieve it, and how and where our listeners have improved turkey habitat on the places...