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Wild Turkey Science

Wild Turkey Science is a science-based podcast bringing you the latest research on wild turkey ecology and management. This podcast is made possible by Turkeys for Tomorrow and is part of the Natural Resources University podcast network. 

Jun 26, 2023

Marcus and Will sit down at the Southeast Wild Turkey Working Group Meeting with Nick Oakley, Wild Turkey Biologist for Missouri. Join as Nick discloses the state’s turkey history and trends, current status and hunting guidelines, and a breakdown of the ongoing research to assess what’s driving production. 


Jun 19, 2023

Marcus and Will recap Dr. Harper’s dense episodes by discussing indicator plants to evaluate success in brood field management. 


Jun 12, 2023

Turkeys for Tomorrow Legal Council and board member Carter Weeks joins us to discuss how TFT got started, the vision of the organization, and how you can get involved to make a difference. To learn more about TFT, check out

Dr. Marcus Lashley (DrDisturbance) (Academic Profile)

Dr. Will Gulsby (

Jun 5, 2023

Dr. Craig Harper joins to disclose step-by-step instructions on how to implement better brooding and nesting cover on your property. This is an episode you won’t want to miss. 

Dr. Craig Harper (Website

Dr. Marcus Lashley (DrDisturbance) (Academic Profile)

Dr. Will Gulsby (dr_will_gulsby) (Academic Profile)