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Wild Turkey Science

Wild Turkey Science is a science-based podcast bringing you the latest research on wild turkey ecology and management. This podcast is made possible by Turkeys for Tomorrow and is part of the Natural Resources University podcast network. 

Mar 9, 2023

It’s obvious that we need to do something about poult-rearing cover. What are the opportunities for you to help on land you don’t own? Join Marcus and Will as they discuss what desirable brooding cover looks like, how to achieve it, and how and where our listeners have improved turkey habitat on the places they hunt. This is a bonus episode for the tremendous feedback and questions received related to this topic.


Dr. Marcus Lashley (DrDisturbance) (Academic Profile)

Dr. Will Gulsby (dr_will_gulsby) (Academic Profile)

Turkeys for Tomorrow (turkeysfortomorrow)  

UF DEER Lab (ufdeerlab)

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This podcast is made possible by Turkeys for Tomorrow, a grassroots organization dedicated to the wild turkey. To learn more about TFT, go to 

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Produced by Charlotte Nowak