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T-Time with Tori Totlis

Mar 30, 2023

Joe Foley, Executive Director of the Arizona Golf Association is filling us in on all the current events from golf ball rollbacks, to why 2024 won’t be seeing a PGA match play tournament, a new qualifying process with USGA Championships, and what the heck is bifurcation?!

 AGA One-Day Net Series

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Mar 27, 2023

PART TWO of the conversation with Tori, Kim, Tara and Pat as they continue their discussion on tournament must-knows in the wake of their time at the Desert Classic.

 This time, they dive into their top five etiquette rules that every tournament player needs to keep in mind.

 Key Moments

●      (02:36) Show up if you...

Mar 23, 2023

Tori sits down with Tara Bateman, Kim Eaton, and Pat Kuntz.

 With their experience at the Desert Classic fresh on their minds, Tori and her guests dive into the top five rules every player needs to keep in mind when playing in a tournament.

 Key Takeaways

●      (02:52) Know the difference between a red line and a...

Mar 20, 2023

Tori sits down with Susan Hess, Founder and Head Designer at Golftini, a luxury brand of fashionable and functional women's golf apparel.

 Listen in as Susan looks back on starting Golftini in 2004, motivated by her own annoyance that women’s golf wear at the time was either functional or fashionable, but never both!

Mar 16, 2023

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 Tori sits down with Adam Walicki and Christine Fero.

 Christine kicks off the conversation with an update on her journey to a single-digit handicap, which she began on June 30, 2022. You can follow her progress in real-time on her Instagram (!