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T-Time with Tori Totlis

Jun 8, 2023

Could yoga improve your golf game? Today’s guest, Donna Taylor, can tell you from experience that it does! She’s a 45-year veteran of the golf world, and brings her expertise as a yoga instructor in helping women enhance their skills on the golf course.

From learning the sport at just seven years old with her PGA Tour player dad to hitting the greens with the boys in high school, Donna's journey in the sport is filled with a special sort of passion and determination.

Discover how Donna's love for golf has evolved over the years, leading her to create successful beginner ladies golf clinics. She offers her insights on how yoga can help golfers with their breathing and staying present, making it a fantastic addition to a well-rounded workout regimen. She shares her inspiring story as a student who overcame fear of other people's opinions to excel in her game.

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