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The Inspired Classroom

Welcome to The Inspired Classroom's podcast where we will focus on the arts' place in education and social-emotional learning for both students AND teachers!  After all, you have to Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring.  

Sep 10, 2023

It's a new school year and as exciting as that can be, it's also exhausting.  When your new classes start to come in, you can realize that there is a long road ahead.  In today's episode, we'll look at 2 major mindset shifts teachers often need to make in order to take the school year on and build a foundation...

The Puzzle Pieces for SEL - Part One

Sep 3, 2023

Whether you have a done-for-you social-emotional curriculum or not, it's important to start rethinking how you approach your job as a teacher.  Your students need help when it comes to how they transition into your room to learn and how they focus and engage with their work.  

There are 4 puzzle pieces that make up a...

Aug 27, 2023

I know you're struggling with aspects of your school day.  It's ok.  It's normal.  It's because you care about your students and you care about the work you do.  And chances are you also care about helping your students develope their social-emotioal skills.  Listen in as I talk about one way you can look at the...

Aug 13, 2023

The arts are engaging, yes.  And speak to the whole child, absolutely.  But why are the arts something that every classroom needs?  Listen in as Elizabeth explores 3 reasons the arts need to be in YOUR classroom!


Resources Mentioned:

Soft Starts -

Jul 23, 2023

Self-Care isn't about the short activities you can add to your life, it's about the long term things you can change to make your life better.  Let's dig in!

Resources Mentioned:

The Reilient Teacher Podcast with Brittany Blackwell

The Self-Care Summit (free for limited time!)

Self-Care Solutions Workshop