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The Inspired Classroom

Welcome to The Inspired Classroom's podcast where we will focus on the arts' place in education and social-emotional learning for both students AND teachers!  After all, you have to Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring.  

Aug 13, 2023

The arts are engaging, yes.  And speak to the whole child, absolutely.  But why are the arts something that every classroom needs?  Listen in as Elizabeth explores 3 reasons the arts need to be in YOUR classroom!


Resources Mentioned:

Soft Starts -

Jul 16, 2023

While engaging in great conversations during the Soar to Success Summit about the artistic ideas I posed in my session: “A Palette Full of Potential: Unlocking Executive Function through Art” I found a theme of how teachers are excited to start implementing, but need to start small.  So, let's talk about 3 ways you...

Jul 2, 2023

"Trust the process" is something I was told over and over when I was getting my masters in Arts & Learning. It's a great lesson what we can instill in our students through process art.  Listen in to learn more about what this is and how it can play a part in your classroom, regardless of what age level you teach!


Mar 26, 2023

Music is a powerful tool for the classroom.  One very successful way to use it is to build the sense of community in your classroom.  In this episode, I share a clip from the SEAL Week Challenge, where I talk about 2 simple ways you can use music to just that - even if you are not a musician!


Resources Mentioned:

Jan 19, 2023

When you integrate the arts into the content you teach (no matter the subject or age), your students will remember and understand the content at a much deeper level.  Let's look at some practical ideas you can use in your classroom!

This is part of a mini-series!  In espisodes 7-9, we'll take a closer look at 3 key...