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The Inspired Classroom

Welcome to The Inspired Classroom's podcast where we will focus on the arts' place in education and social-emotional learning for both students AND teachers!  After all, you have to Get Inspired in order to Be Inspiring.  

The Puzzle Pieces for SEL - Part One

Sep 3, 2023

Whether you have a done-for-you social-emotional curriculum or not, it's important to start rethinking how you approach your job as a teacher.  Your students need help when it comes to how they transition into your room to learn and how they focus and engage with their work.  

There are 4 puzzle pieces that make up a holistic approach to creatively address students' social and emotional needs in the classroom.  In this episode we'll look at the first two: Embedded Strategies and Consitent SEAL Activities.


Learn more about SEAL, the only method that empowers caring teachers to calm classroom behavior issues and ease teacher burnout by embedding creative and artistic social-emotional strategies into their current content without requiring them to implement an entire program that takes up precious class time.

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