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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Jul 9, 2023

In today's episode Hannah speaks with Eating Disorder Dietitian Alex Rodriguez about eating disorders amongt males, including male athletes. 


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In this epsiode: 

00:10.1 - Introduction

03:17.2 - Welcome Alex

06:27.6 - Alex's background with an eating disorder

12:11.9 - The importance of increased awareness of disordered eating amongst men

19:20.0 - What are eating disorders and disordered eating?

23:33.6 - What does a healthy relationship with food look like?

28:25.0 - How do eating disorders present amongst males? Common signs to look out for.

36:57.2 - How common are eating disorders amonst men?

41:32.8 - Screening for disordered eating

44:06.0 - What causes eating disorders?

51:50.3 - What can individuals, coaches & clubs do to support athletes' relationships with food?

57:07.0 - What can you'd like to improve your relationship with food?



Links Discussed in this Episode:

The Eating & Body Attitude Spectrum - 


Alex Rodriguez: River Oak Health - 

Alex's Instagram: @arod_dietitian


Online websites & resources you can access: 

Butterfly Foundation: -