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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Sep 2, 2023

In this episode Hannah & Bronte chat about the whether athletes should listen to their hunger cues and the unique challenges athletes face when interpretting their hunger cues. 


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02:27.5 - Why we are talking about this

03:45.5 - How are hunger cues controlled in the body?

06:42.1 - How can we tell when we are hungry?

09:02.7 - What are the different physiological factors that impact appetite cues?

10:33.7 - How does dietary patterns impact appetite cues?

14:10.2 - Reading hunger cues as a neurodivergent

15:38.5 - The impact of exercise & training on appetite cues

17:57.5 - The pressure of body Ideals and appetite & fuel

18:39.9 - The impact of sleep of appetite cues for athletes

19:19.0 - Pre-competition nerves and appetite

21:32.0 - Should athletes listen to their appetite cues?

23:23.1 - How should athletes navigate appetite cues

29:54.1 - Exploring alternatives to intuitive eating

34:55.8 - Summary of Hannah's thoughts

36.55.5 - Practical ideas for fuelling when you're not hungry