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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Sep 10, 2023

In today's episode Hannah speaks with Registered Psychologist and Director of Rise Therapies Nicole Write about the psychology behind the high performing athlete. 

They discuss performance anxiety, how to notice it and what to do it you're experiencing it. 

They also discuss the role of performance psychology in disordered eating and navigating body composition pressures as an athlete. 

You can find Nicole at and on instagram @nicholewrightpsychologist.


02:38.4 - Introduction: Meet Nicole!

06:02.7 - The role of psychology in sports performance

09:03.9 - The importance of balance, rest & recovery in performance

11:25.6 - Performance Anxiety

11:25.6 - What is performance anxiety?

16:23.8 - Why athletes become apathetic about their sport & training

22.20.0 - The difference in performance anxiety amongst men's & women's teams

26.13.5 - Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating In Sport

26.54.6 - Common eating disorder experiences in athletes 

29:50.8 - Self check for athletes to know if they are at risk of an eating disorder

32.53.3 - Balancing perfectionism 

35:65.1 - Navigating weight sensitive sports

39:35.2 - Navigating weight & body composition in team sports

45:10.7 - The impact of focussing on body weight & shape on performance

48:21.3 - Messages clubs can send to their athletes

48:27.9 - Navigating body composition pressures in their environment

52:37.1 - Navigating the transition to sport retirement