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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Sep 25, 2023

Athlete's not only need to navigate the pressures of cultural body ideals, they are also navigating conflicting sports-specific body ideals. In this podcast, Hannah & Grace have an honest conversation around these pressures, why they exist and how they impact athlete performance. We also provide some practical strategies to help athletes navigate these pressures. 


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03:19.6 - The the different body ideals athletes often experience

09:32.6 - Where do these pressures come from?

14:27.0 - How does body composition impact health & performance?

  • 16:06.7 - Body composition & performance
  • 20:48.1 - Social media & sponsorship
  • 29:09.1 - Health professionals responsibility on social media
  • 35:30.0 - Psychosocial

42:43.8 - How can athlete's (any really anyone!) navigate these pressures?