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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Oct 15, 2023

Today I'm chatting with our very special guest Alanah Riely who is an exercise physiologist with extensive experience in the eating disorder space. 

We know that exercise is important and for athletes, training is pretty central to progressing in sport. However, not all exercise and training is helpful and so in my chat with Alanah today we are disucssing what a helpful relationship with exercise looks like and the impact that can have not only on our health but also on performance. 


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1:30.7 - Meet Alanah

06:45.4 - The role of exercise in the mental health space

09:08.5 - What supports benefiticial exercise?

10:42.5 - What is a helpful relationship with exercise?

15:41.6 - Understanding 'allostatic load'

19:03.7 - How your body adapts to training load

22:55.0 - What is intuitive movement?

27:34.1 - Red flags for unhelpful 

29:23.3 - Is intuitive movement important for athletes?

33:37.0 - 40 factors that impact athletic performance that have nothing to do with weight

36:36.1 - Key learnings from Alanah's journey as an exercise physiologist within the eating disorder space to share with other coaches

39:24.4 - How can coaches and trainers play a role in early identification of eating disorders?



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