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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Oct 29, 2023

Hannah speas with Accredited Exercise Physiologist Zenia Wood about Load management


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  • @zeniawoodofficial
  • @swiftmovementacademy

Youtube: Swift Movement Academy


In this episode:

03:30.4 - Meet Zenia

09:49.9 - What does load management mean?

13:02.3 - Why does load management matter?

14:55.1 - What is overloading?

15:52.0 - What is underloading?

17:46.0 - Common reasons athletes will under or over load

21:00.0 - Other factors that impact your load tolerance

27:04.6 - Red flags for over or under loading

33:49.7 - Practical ways to manage your load

35:06.7 - How can you manage your load in a team sport context

40:43.7 - The importance of managing load across different tissues

43:23.8 - Strength training for endurance athletes

45:41.9 - Managing load across your menstrual cycle