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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Nov 5, 2023

Hannah chats with Ryan Evernden, swimming strength and conditioning coach, about all things performance for athletes and swimmers. 

Note: This podcast contains cussing language that may be offensive to some people


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In today's episode:

01:34.9 - Meet Ryan

04:31.7 - What inspired Ryan to become a coach

07:12.1 - Striking the balance of applying the latest science with tried and tested models in performance. 

13:22.1 - Ryan's own experience with nutrition as an athlete

16:04.0 - What does performance nutrition mean?

18:06.8 - The top 3 priorites of an athletes strength and conditioning program: 

a) Stay in the water

b) Manage load

c) Performance

24:38.6 - Things to be aware of for neurodivergent athletes

a) Perfectionism

b) Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS) & hypermobility

29:36.8 - Prevalence of underfuelling amongst athletes

38:02.1 - Challenges to meeting fuelling requirements for athletes

43:02.5 - Changes in performance when athletes are underfuelled

48:43.6 - The role of body composition and skinfold testing in sport

60:30.0 - Should young athlete's specialise in sport early