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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Jun 4, 2023

Grace Ingram (Accredited Practising Dietitian) speaks with Sports Physiotherapist, Jarred Edwards about how to best prepare for an injury free season. 





Meet Jarred Edwards

M. PHTY (Sports); B. PHTY (Hons1), APAM

  • APA Titled Sports & Exercise Physiotherapis
  • Director & owner of RSP Physiotherapy in Brisbane
  • Head of Medical at Norths Rugby Union
  • Visit the RSP Website


In this episode we discuss: 

00:22.3 - Meet Jarred Edwards

01.51.2 - Why should athletes be proactive about injury prevention

03:14.5 - What level of pain is normal?

07:22.3 - The role of sleep in injury prevention

10:45.9 - The role of nutrition in injury prevention

13:42.4 - Advice for athletes returning to sport after injury

17:45.2 - The injury 'Preventions Systems Approach'