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All Bodies Sports Nutrition

Jun 11, 2023

Hannah and Claudia (Accredited Sports Dietitians) chat about the role of Vitamin D in sports performance. 





In this episode: 

0:50.1 - Meet Claudia

02:33.4 - How common is a vitamin D deficiency?

04:08.3 - What is vitamin D?

05:15.3 - The role of vitamin D in the body

06:17.3 - Bone health

09:40.9 - Muscle function

12:38.0 - Immune function

14:14.1 - Vitamin D as an Ergogenic Aid

17:01.8 - Other ways to increase vitamin D



Vitamin D and Muscle Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trials (2021): 

Medium doses of daily vitamin D decrease falls and higher doses of daily vitamin D3 increase falls: A randomized clinical trial: